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Retail Franchises

Become a contestant in today’s ultra-competitive retail market.

To push year-over-year growths in brick-and-mortar locations, franchise and retail chain brands face a stimulating and challenging predicament: How does one build a vigorous brand on a national scale when the bottom line is always drawn at the local shopping experience? At Xcentric, we provide a fine-tuned balance of local engagement and national brand support as a formula for consistent and coherent growth.

Medium sized and growing businesses are benefiting more than ever from advances in low-cost and internationally recognized technology practices, including ERP’s, point-of-sale systems, mobile solutions and time saving apps. But retail franchises have been slow to alter and adapt— unfortunately and disappointingly so, as it’s one of the best business models that stands to gain the most from cloud computing and other digital solutions.

We think franchising is a remarkable model, but technology is not in the comfort zone of a major proportion of franchise leaders. They don’t understand that the point of technology is to make life stress-free, so franchisees can focus on growing their business, not running their business.

Current franchises don’t have to be newer to keep up, but they have to stop being slower.

That don’t-rock-the-boat strategy is no longer “conventional”. Innovations like mobile POS, personalized customer engagement, fleet-management, perfected customer-loyalty programs and even digital signboards are already changing the franchise world. And the operational reformation provided by cloud-based tools and new restaurant technologies. As well as competences and proficiencies in training and back-end operations like customer retention. And billing are creating two classes of franchise systems: those that are getting a bump from tech implementation. Those that will soon feel the pain from waiting too long to adapt technology.

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