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Point Of Sale Software

One of the most successful business solutions of recent times, Point of Sale Software is an absolute staple for any brand to exist today. Having said that, Xcentricย apprehends the highly dynamic, competitive and ever-morphing environment that your business has to survive in. We, here at Xcentric, therefore provide a wide range of dimensions within the point of sales system, so you not just survive but thrive in your business!

We have surpassed the offerings of any traditional point of sales by integrating all of the following features:

Payment Management

Our POS offers completely synchronized payment management through Cash, checks, and credit cards, even offline synchronization upon reconnection. A seamless integration of payments into the accounting module leading to simple and reliable bookkeeping.

Check-out Management

Either for setting negotiated prices or percentage based discounts, we offer it all in one place. From creating parallel orders to customizing receipts for advertisements, Xcentric has its POS developed so as to manage this all.

Store Management

Get your efficient store management within the POS!

Keep track of daily sales, manage and secure multiple cashier accounts. Monitor your stock in real-time, manage your inventory across all locations, and review shipments with Stock integration.

Customer & Loyalty Management

From registering customers, identifying them through their unique barcodes in the loyalty cards and updating loyalty cards with points upon sale and depletion. Xcentric has its POS developed to fit well with all these integrations.

Products Management

Either organize product categories or configure multiple barcodes for the same product. Not only this, Xcentric has its Microsoft Dynamics POS Software in Pakistan designed and proven to handle over 100,000 products.

Find out how we can put solutions like these to work for you.