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People Counting Solution

Applying your knowledge of Customer Conversion Rates can help to Boost your Sales

In today’s dynamic environment, retail store analysis is often a very challenging task. Hence, to make it easier, a People Counting Solution can be used to help businesses to make operational and strategic decisions. Luckily, this actionable retail analytics data assists retailers in many ways, such as store layouts, window displays, and merchandising. Furthermore, a People Counting Camera is also used to manage staff allocation at the stores to increase customer satisfaction

In today’s competitive business environment, analytics for every industry plays a very crucial role. Therefore, whenever we talk about the Food Industry, analytics aid in supply management. Moreover, the process of supply management for every organization holds immense importance as any error or flaw in the supply chain management can disturb the whole process of the organization. Moreover, supply chain management starts with the point-of-sale terminals, which provides real-time information that software can analyze.

This software helps to answer questions regarding supply chain management, such as what are you spending the most on, is excessive inventory causing inefficiency and wastage of resources, are there any regular fluctuations over the week, and much more? Hence, by supplying performance management solutions for years; we have built up a knowledge of the challenges the industry faces and from that, we have developed a range of ‘best practice solutions’ for customers who actively want to reduce costs eventually leading to greater efficiency, manage the performance of employees and grow the business in new or existing markets.

The Benefits of People Counters 

People counter technology structures the basis for a spectrum of high-tech solutions, including; Retail Analytics, Queue Management, and Space Utilization applications. Hence, to make practical business decisions, you need reliable intelligence, and that’s why footfall counters are famous. Provided that, precise and reliable footfall measurements empower you to;

  •   Measure your store’s Conversion Ratio
  •   Balance store performance across a Worldwide Network
  •   Estimate your Footfall Patterns
  •   Optimize your Structure Plan and Staffing Levels
  •   Enhance Customer Service


People counting devices can be utilized in a huge spectrum of applications. To emphasize, here’s a list of few; 

  • Retail Stores
  • Supermarkets
  • Shopping Malls
  • Airports and Stations

People Counting Solutions by Xcentric

Whether you are trading with food or beverages or any other business commodity, Xcentric provides you with an extensive suite of people counting solutions. Considering that every module is designed specifically for the retail industry to manage the supply of products from contract orders through production integration and delivery.

The best results come when all the tools work together smoothly; A reason why having lots of data is not valuable by itself. Therefore, trying to deal with disorganized information is inefficient, and decisions based on it are not always good ones. Certainly, it all begins and ends with the right information and using it at the right time. And considering that equipment, supplies, food preparation, order taking, and serving are all parts of the service chain, inefficiency along any part of the process affects the whole process and the overall performance of the business.

We at Xcentric have people with expertise and the right tools like People Counting Cameras in Pakistan. Hence, we provide you with services that are valuable for your business in this competitive world. Summing up, these services provided by Xcentric Services can help you to better forecast your sales, increase your performance, efficiency, customer satisfaction. Leading to higher sales and profitability for the business.

Find out how we can put solutions like these to work for you.