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Odoo Modules, previously known as Open ERP, are implemented under Odoo ERP Implementation Services, along with Odoo Apps – An Open-Source suit of Enterprise Management Applications by an Odoo ERP Implementation Company. Odoo Apps directing operations like Sale-Purchase Management, Warehouse Management, and Accounting are included in the Application Suite, aiming at every business, irrespective of its scope.

Undoubtedly, Odoo Implementation is the premium of the services today’s market, providing systematic open –source Odoo ERP Development Services for Business, which are flexible, easy to learn, and highly customizable. Odoo Implementation Services, Modules, and Odoo Apps have around 4 Million users, making it technically one of the fastest-growing ERP software.

Odoo Implementation Services

Our team at Xcentric has years of experience working with Odoo. And so, being Odoo Partners in Lahore, we have the experience and expertise to make Odoo work for your Business.

Odoo Implementation Project Plan

Odoo Implementation

Successfully Implementing Od0o on your Business is essential; The reason behind us supporting bespoke functionality plans for each client while operating the Odoo Implementation Project Plan. Need help with your Odoo Implementation? Get on board with Xcentric, we’re Odoo Partners in Pakistan and have what it takes to make a project successful, and worth Odoo Implementation Cost, irrespective of your User Scope.

Odoo Module Customization

An enterprise application always requires some extras. At Xcentric, we analyze all of our client’s requirements, along with the customized additions, and thereby set the strategies to satisfy them as a qualified Odoo Official Partner. We’re Odoo Gold Partners in Pakistan, providing Odoo Module Customization Services. So whether you aim at adding new functionalities to your Business Process, or plan on upgrading the existing one, our technical team is there to provide all your requirements.

Odoo Customization services in Pakistan

Odoo Support & Maintainance

Odoo Support & Maintainance

Odoo indeed is a one-stop solution for every business application out there. However, with continuous updates, you need to be sure that this valued asset isn’t performing poorly. Being new to Odoo, managing minor bugs and certain user restrictions can be tricky. Xcentric, being an Odoo Consultant Company, makes sure that such situations are simplified while providing Odoo Consulting Services. So get the most out of our 24*7 support and maintenance services, and avoid downtime.

Odoo Integration & Data Migration

Want to Migrate from the legacy ERP to Odoo, or enhance them by integrating with Odoo? Xcentric being Odoo Silver Partner in Pakistan provides Odoo Integration & Data Migration Services, instrumental for both. We’ve got you covered with our years of experience in providing successful Odoo ERP Development Services, along with Migrations, and Integrations services. Learn how we can help you define and meet every tech-challenge your business faces!

Odoo Integration & Data Migration
Odoo Implementation Services

Odoo Training

Grasping the knowledge of Odoo Implementation is essential because there’s no reason behind implementing a solution that your stakeholders are not trained in managing. With ever-growing technologies, Xcentric’s Odoo Implementation Services also cover Training Services, ensuring that your implementation won’t be a failure by making your stakeholders capable of working with Odoo. Let’s start working on training them together today!

Why US?

  • Open-source and One-time investmentOdoo Implementation
  • Flexible
  • Scalable
  • Customizable Ready-made Apps
  • Proven ERP (over 4Million users)
  • User -friendly
  • Frequently updated with the latest technology available
  • Highly modular with a very selective add-on approach
  • Easily integrated with third-party apps like Power BI, E-commerce, etc
  • Industry-specific modules (car workshop, vehicle rental management, hotel management, clinic management, sales distribution, etc)
  • Less Implementation cost
  • Less Implementation time
  • Increased Productivity & Improved Efficiency.
  • Accurate Forecasting & Reportings.
  • Integrated Information & Total Visibility.
  • Mobility & Centralized Access.
  • Data Reliability & Quality.
  • Collaboration and Workflows.
  • Standardized Business Processes

Advantages of Implementing Odoo Solutions for your Business

Odoo is one complete business management solution with almost 4 Million Users. So what’s better than addressing all your business concerns under one roof? Here are some benefits that make Odoo win the competition.

  • Quick-Successful Implementation

Odoo provides businesses with tons of applications, developed for always being at service, along with an active community always there to help. All you need to do is set the system to work, according to your guidelines.

  • Seamless Integration

Implementing Odoo solutions saves a business from Data Duplication by integrating every business application seamlessly. Thus, guaranteeing a smooth flow of information.

  • Streamlined Business Processes and Functionalities

Processing the fact that the data won’t be duplicated and information across the business applications will flow smoothly, an increase in the efficiency of workflows will be seen.

  • 360-Degree Reporting System

With Odoo’s dynamic reporting system a business can easily get a 360-degree report of any operation running. The reports are generated technically in the form of PDFs, Excel Sheets, or a Dashboard Report.

  • Low-Cost Implementation

Oddo is an open-source business solution that doesn’t require you to pay hefty licensing fees; A reason why it is winning the competition and has around 4 Million Users.

How does Xcentric Implement Odoo ERP for your Organization?

Odoo Implementation

Looking for a solution to keep your data systematic, go a step ahead in customer service deliveries, and systemize your growth? Odoo ERP Implementation is the BEST investment.

However, at Xcentric, we believe that implementing Odoo ERP Solutions in Pakistan requires significant and proficient quality assurance because every business is unique.

Beginning with a thorough evaluation, here’s how we step ahead in the Agile Approach Odoo Implementation process.

Step 1 – Pre-Analysis

Before beginning with the implementation itself, we conduct thorough meetings with the key decision-makers and managers of our client – The Organization, to present them with a feasibility report.

Step 2 – Detailed Analysis

Gathering all the required information about the organization’s workflows is essential before ERP Implementation. Thus, with our detailed analysis, we prepare a roadmap to Odoo ERP Implementation, with strategies that are aimed at completing the process successfully.

Step 3 – Project Planning

Following the road map from the above step, our team of Odoo Specialists in Pakistan prepares a full-fledged business model, featuring the Odoo Implementation process for your organization, step-by-step.

Step 4 – Initiation of Development

Applications of the solutions which we’ve modeled according to your business are put into action at this initiation step, including;

  • Border designs whenever essential,
  • Workflow execution,
  • Dashboard designs,
  • Access Rights Management,
  • Report Designs,
  • System Integration
  • Quality Assurance Tests
  • Deployment
  • Client Walkthroughs
  • Suggestion Implementations
  • Approval by the Client

Step 5 – Odoo Implementation

Followed by the completion of all the above-mentioned steps, and approval by the client, Odoo Implementation proceeds.

Step 6 – Odoo Data Migration

Data Migration involves the transfer of your Business Data from the legacy ERP you’ve been using, to the new one. This step proceeds after successful application installations, configuration, and implementation. It follows through;

  • Web Services
  • XML/CSV Files
  • ETL

Step 7 – Odoo Training

Preparing a firm implementation model and making it successful won’t benefit you much internally if your stakeholders aren’t engaged. Hence, Xcentric being an Odoo Development Company provides Odoo Training and Implementation Services to our client right from the beginning of the implementation process, so that the internal stakeholders are familiar to engage with the implemented Odoo Solution.

Step 8 – Odoo Support and Maintenance

A successful Odoo Implementation isn’t the end of the game, considering that Odoo ERP implementation is a life-long voyage, not an end. Hence, there’s a major difference between success and before the implementation.

Therefore, Xcentric – Odoo Implementation Partner, doesn’t leave you stranded between the journey after a successful implementation. To make our client relationships strong, and to keep on providing your success as Odoo Partners in Karachi, we offer;

  • An Error Solving Period
  • Server Maintenance
  • Version Upgradation
  • Security Alerts
  • Renewed Developments
  • Consultancy Services for Future Enhancements

Harness the power of Odoo Implementation Services and advance your business processes with Odoo ERP Implementation and Customization by Xcentric – Odoo Official Partner in Pakistan, fitting all your needs and requirements. To learn more about our Odoo Consulting Services, or to have a direct conversation with our team of technical Odoo Consultants providing Odoo ERP Solutions in Pakistan, Contact Us!


Why choose Xcentric for Odoo Implementation?

The availability of professional and functional consultants advances Xcentric as a reliable implementation partner for your business. Years of expertise and understanding of every industry makes Xcentric’s project undertakings fool-proof and robust.

How is Odoo implementation pocket-friendly?

Businesses can lower the Odoo Implementation Cost by only implementing the necessary modules needed. Lesser the modules, lesser the cost. Plus, with no license fees, unlike exclusive ERPs, Odoo additionally lowers down the cost. Moreover, cloud-hosted Odoo leads the expenses further below, because no additional infrastructures are required.

Why prefer Odoo over another ERP?

Odoo frees businesses from a lot of expenses, leaving for them all the dollars behind to utilize for further customization and upgradations. Furthermore, Odoo extends the limitless potentiality of customization, and it’s modules support the businesses in accomplishing great results; all with proficiency.

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