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Mobile Applications

It is a Mobile World. On the go; in the know!

Why Mobile Applications?

Today, we’re living in an arena where everybody seemingly has a mini-computer in their pockets – Smart Phone. And around half of the smartphone users believe that they can’t get through a single day without their gizmo. 

  • 60% of smartphone users go through their emails via mobile devices. 95% of users browse on a Mobile App, while 10% surf the web with their smartwatches. 
  • 85% of smartphone users believe that a non-interfering and feature-rich mobile experience is essential across every mobile gadget. 
  • Using our native and cross-platform Mobile App Development background and expertise in both iOS and Android App Development, we have discovered the technique of building power-pack apps with striking UX/UI that challenge expectations.
  • Utilizing the most advanced SDKs, APIs, and Mobile App developing platforms, we touch deep into the operating systems and urge groundbreaking digital solutions that guarantee high user adoption.

Our Approach to Successful Mobile Application Development Mobile Application

  • Your VisionWe begin our development cycle with an elaborate discussion on understanding your business needs and development vision. Followed by uncountable meetings carried out to ensure better customer services in terms of both; quality and cost. 
  • Tech ConsultationOur team of tech-experts will help you in picking the most competent technology blend for your App Development. Assuring that our team continually researches, discovers, and executes modern frameworks and tools, we, at Xcentric, keep up with the tech-trends and recommend our clients the best solutions. 
  • UI/UXOur prolific team of designers creates UX and UI that stand out from the crowd because they know the users’ pain points when it comes to using a Mobile Application. Hence, they create an Application that is free from distractions and boasts aesthetically pleasing visual elements. 
  • DeploymentAt Xcentric, we support a deployment methodology that robustly enables the Mobile Application developed to perform exceptionally, once we launch it on the App Store. Moreover, once the application launches, we don’t leave your back. Instead, we provide round-the-clock Support Services.

Mapping the Customer Journey on a Mobile App with Xcentric

Xcentric is one of the Mobile Application Development Companies in Pakistan, building engaging, intuitive, and simple cross-platform mobile apps to engage consumers effectively across devices. We develop Mobile Applications for iOS and Android, using tools like Cordova and PhoneGap, significantly used to create web-based apps and prototypes rapidly.

Contrary to popular beliefs, a successful mobile strategy starts way before a product is ready to hit the market. Generally, it’s something that happens as soon as you have clearly defined WHAT you are building and WHY.

In other words, it is all about how your intended use will interact with your overall brand, while the user experience is just mobile. Especially when it’s the only one touchpoint – It articulates how you will best serve customers with your mobile strategy. Hence, being a Mobile App Development Company, we take the time to meet and think through with your internal stakeholders and clearly define the customer journey map before we even write a line of code.

Though beyond just creating mobile applications or ensuring that mobile website design is responsive, Xcentric ascertains a holistic engagement model, significantly focused on the customer journey. Rather than their channel selection, to build multi-channel solutions that meet user requirements. Hence, shifting this paradigm and following this theory allows our customers to communicate value to potential customers. Thus, establishing lasting and loyal relationships with existing customers in a more meaningful, eloquent, and consistent way.

Find out how we can put solutions like these to work for you.