Microsoft Dynamics

Why Upgrade To Dynamics?

Microsoft Dynamics is a single platform solution which breaks the stereotyping between ERP and CRM by reducing the differences. Its upgrade will deliver you with secure features and better functionalities through advanced updates.

Microsoft Dynamics Upgrade Benefits:

Extensive accessibility

Microsoft Dynamics in the cloud delivers a modernized architecture that provides easier access through a browser-based User Interface UI, excluding the necessity for Remote Desktop or Citrix and SharePoint with prior Dynamics AX versions.

Multi-Platform User Interface Integration

It can run on any smart device such as phone, tablet, and computer. The Dynamics platform in return provides the user access to all the requests from any type of devices after authorization indeed.

Reduces IT Maintenance

While arranging Dynamics in the cloud, the need for dedicated servers and systems is eliminated. Microsoft takes full responsibility for monitoring and updating the core platform such as Microsoft Windows and Microsoft SQL Server plus the application itself. By this, the Dynamics reduces the need for IT staff to keep a check on the ERP System.

Always run the most updated version

Microsoft Dynamics cloud pattern offers you suitable and cost-effective platform updates every 3 months and the application updates every 6 months. By this, the need for troublemaking major version upgrades every few years is removed.

Real-time Business Intelligence

Dynamics consist of a real-time Business Intelligence solution that delivers every minute information on business performance, with a Power BI tool for envisioning data and making dashboards.

Platform Upgrades

An upgrade of Microsoft Dynamics allows you to take advantage of new abilities in the Microsoft cloud with a mutual data model of Dynamics CRM and Office 365, easily accessible PowerApps for creating mobile apps, natural flow to create unified workflows and the ability to influence innovative analytics setups by Cortana Intelligence Suite.

When to Upgrade?

Microsoft is truly focusing on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Upgradation in Pakistan and sooner all the older versions will inevitably be left behind. The officially announced end dates for Dynamics AX support by Microsoft are as follows:

  • Products
  • Dynamics AX 2009
  • Dynamics AX 2012
  • Dynamics AX 2012 R2
  • Dynamics AX 2012 R3
  • Support End Date (Mainstream)
  • 10/04/2018
  • 09/10/2018
  • 09/10/2018
  • 12/10/2021
  • Extended Date To End Support
  • 12/10/2021
  • 12/10/2021
  • 12/10/2021
  • 10/01/2023

Microsoft Dynamics Upgrade

How To Upgrade to Microsoft Dynamics?

There are some basic steps to follow while upgrading:

  1. Functional Analysis
  2. Data Migration Test Migration and Final Migration
  3. Code Assessment
  4. UAT
  5. Training
  6. Support

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