Microsoft Dynamics

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We at Xcentric Services specialize in providing Microsoft Dynamics 365 Support in Pakistan services regarding business and IT consultancy to encourage influence establishments about the supremacy of technology. Work with our customers to identify the weak points of their business and provide the best possible solutions to boost up their key business process and attain strategic growth. Our consultancy services are available for various sectors like finance, retail, wholesale, shipping, insurance, industrial, and others.

Microsoft Dynamics Support

Personalized Support

At Xcentric Services we provide Microsoft Dynamics Support in Pakistan to our clients with a wide-range software support team. To offer extended support contracts to suit your specific requirements. In addition, we add further services such as extended hours and we cover some more products to give maximum software support to our clients.

The Standard dynamics support Contract of Xcentric Services Consists:

  • You can easily contact Xcentric Services via call, fax, and email or via the website 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.
  • Any consultancy of Software regarding their upgrade, license, and media.
  • An inclusive Account Management Service that is modified to suit the needs of each client particularly.
  • Information about the latest released software and demonstration is provided.
  • Invitation to Microsoft and Xcentric Services events which give the chance to talk to Microsoft officials and our other clients.
  • For the maximum understanding of our clientsโ€™ free training and educational webinars are planned.

The standard support contract offers customer support during normal office hours. You can easily contact Xcentric Services and consult about your business needs so that you can get what you want.

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