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Providing Proactive monitoring, support, and enhancement for your Dynamics 365 implementation for optimum performance

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations ERP platform (earlier known as Microsoft Dynamics AX) is an essential component in the information architecture of numerous large and mid-sized companies. By providing a high-performance, cloud-based home for sales figures, customers, and vendor transaction records, supply chain essentials, financial analyses, and business forecasting tools and more.

Dynamics 365 gives your business a leading-edge yet discerning and intuitive way to capture, combine, apprehend, and share information within and between organizations.

Microsoft Dynamics Services

Xcentric Services has earned a reputation for excellence in assisting its clients from a wide range of industry verticals with consulting, strategizing, designing, implementing, supporting, and extending Microsoft Dynamics 365, to maximize Return On investment, improve margins, and achieve their business objectives.

The best Dynamics 365 implementation team for Retail, Financials, and Manufacturing

With so many Microsoft solution providers available globally, to work remotely and on-site, to choose from, how do you identify the best strategic technology partner to manage the entire planning, strategy, and Microsoft Dynamics 365 implementation for you? Although it is unquestionably true that overall technical competence is necessary, it is the partner’s competence and industry experience that separates your ideal technology provider from the competition.

E-commerce features help you do more with Microsoft Dynamics

Xcentric Services has assisted numerous global enterprises in Retail and Distribution with their Microsoft Dynamics deployment projects. Plus, the outcomes have consistently topped our clients’ expectations. Our team’s understanding of the customer’s industries, including their core ERP requirements and ERP implementation challenges, has allowed Xcentric Services to deploy Microsoft Dynamics 365 more swiftly and cost-effectively than any other technology firm.
Consequently, the results are appreciably and exceedingly better-aligned to our clients’ needs than any standard ERP implementation. Through years of ERP implementation experience, we have carefully crafted several implementation methodologies, accelerators, and templates, that allow us to speedily and systematically design and roll out Dynamics 365 that has been enhanced and optimized for our global Distribution, Health care, Retail and CPG customers.

Analytics, Supply Chain, Financials & Accounting, and E-commerce features help you do more with Microsoft Dynamics

There is no disagreeing the power, flexibility, scalability and versatility of Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform, and  Xcentric Services’ ability to roll out Dynamics 365 in ways that best serve our clients. Nevertheless, effectively all of our customers’ business requirements outspread beyond core ERP.

In order to provide added functionalities and utilities that interconnect seamlessly with Microsoft Dynamics 365, Xcentric Services has numerously developed and customized solutions for BI & Analytics, e-commerce, supply chain and distribution utilities, manufacturing, Financial and Accounting services and customized management reports.

Nevertheless, these applications, utilities, and services form a comprehensive suite of business solutions that work efficiently together and eliminate the need to sustain separate technologies for each unique business need.

Dynamics AX 2009 Upgrade Services

As you know, mainstream support for Dynamics AX 2009 ended on April 10, 2018, organizations that are using Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 must either purchase a support contract (by the way which can cost you around $750K – $100K ) or upgrade to Microsoft Dynamics 365 to ensure business continuity.

Xcentric Services provides complete upgrade services to help you evaluate your options and ensure a smooth, risk-free transition to the latest Microsoft Dynamics cloud or on-premise platform.

E-Commerce Integration

Rather than maintaining separate records for your ERP technology platform and your web-store, our e-commerce integrator acts as a smart connector between Microsoft Dynamics 365 and e-commerce platforms like OpenCart, Demandware, and Magento.

Our E-Commerce Integrator keeps both platforms synchronized in real-time, providing a single, comprehensive view of your transactional, procurement, operational and financial business information.

Call Center Integration

Accurate Omni-Channel enablement enhances and seamlessly connects all sales channels, not just your e-commerce. Xcentric Services has managed services to transform and optimize your call centers’ information infrastructure through integration with Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Besides, automating various inbound and outbound processes, Xcentric Services can streamline your call center workflow, reduce average call times, accelerate order fulfillment, and boost your daily sales and transaction volumes. Dynamics 365 call center integration also gives you an integrated and cohesive view of your periodic orders, customers, product inventory and sales history, assisting you to deliver exceptional customer service across all your sales channels.

Worry Not as our support specialists monitor and troubleshoot Dynamics around the clock

Xcentric Services’ managed Microsoft Dynamics 365 Services in Pakistan, spread out far beyond just implementation, migration and enhancement. We include on-going and round-the-clock support and maintenance capabilities that sustain your enterprise resource planning and operating at the uttermost performance. Our support team proactively examines your Dynamics 365 implementation and resolves discrepancies before they tend to become acute real problems.

  • 24×7 Hosting and Application Support: Consistent and secure cloud hosting for your applications and data, and dedicated ERP support staff to ensure peak performance.
  • 24×7 IT Help Desk Support: Shared/dedicated team of seasoned professionals that respond to support tickets and System business user requests, and troubleshoot problems as they arise.
  • 24×7 Inbound/Outbound Customer Service: Shared/dedicated team of the phone, email and chat representatives that engage directly with system business user queries, providing troubleshooting, answers and valuable recommendations.
  • 24×7 Monitoring and Support: From partner onboarding to everyday transactions, our team of technical support team ensures that information exchange occurs efficiently, securely and promptly answers to data transfer challenges.
  • SEO and Digital Marketing Support: Our team of SEO and SEM specialists assist our customers in improving page rankings, keyword effectiveness, lead generation, and improved customer engagement so that every marketing campaign becomes a reverberating customer success story.

Xcentric Services has and is constantly expanding its range of Microsoft ERP Strategy and Consulting Services in Pakistan to keep pace with the latest and best in enterprise resource planning technology. Please feel free to contact us for support and queries.

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