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How Magento and Shopify are Similar in Different Ways


How Magento and Shopify are Similar in Different Ways

Magento and Shopify are two of the most loved e-commerce platforms you will come across in 2019. A compatible e-commerce platform is very important when you want to create, maintain and manage an online store. A not so thoughtfully selected platform may have a direct impact on the success of your business. While Shopify is a closed source, Magento’s selling point is it’s open-source. Magento and Shopify are both successfully running storefronts but has some areas where they differ making Magento suit large businesses while Shopify is good for small businesses.

Let’s look at some of the ways in which they are both similar yet different.

How do their stores function?

On a continual basis, both provide basic stores that are powerful to use and maintain. Magento can be your cup of tea because it can be easily set up and has built-in advanced features. On the contrary, Shopify often have to get apps for extended functionality.

How does Inventory Management work?

Both Magento and Shopify have plans that offer to upload unlimited products in stores. It’s an easy process for both the platforms to create and collect products. However, loading too many products on Magento might have an effect on your website’s speed but its open-source integration is worth the risk.

Do they offer discount codes?

Discount codes with Shopify is subject to pricing plan but if we look at Magento it has allowed discount code creation and calculation from the beginning. Magento stores help you to create different coupons for different customer groups. You get to play with the codes as per your choice. You can make these code funny and easy to remember for your customers.

What themes and templates do they offer?

Themes and templates are an integral part of your store. How it looks, let your customers know what your products are like and sometimes it will give a hint of your company’s culture too. Magento and Shopify offer an immense collection of Templates to suit your taste. However, Magento Theme customization is far more advanced and improvised than the ones Shopify has to offer. Shopify offers more contemporary themes if that’s what you prefer.

Is Multilingualism a possibility with these platforms?

Yes, both Shopify and Magento are multilingual. But with Shopify, multilingualism isn’t a built-in feature, so you have to take help from paid apps and third-party interventions. While with Magento there are built-in multi-lingual features saving you both time and money. This is one of the major reasons why Magento developers are in love with Magento 2 at large.

How do both platforms perform on the SEO scale?

Your website to be SEO friendly, is of prime importance. If it’s not ranking higher with time, you might want to reconsider your options. Lucky for you, Google seems to be in love with both Magento and Shopify, considering their functionality is considered to be the same. Both the platforms are deemed as search engine friendly so to rank it, not much effort is required. But you still have to watch your steps in order to optimize the results. Shopify themes, however, requires you to have social media link sharing buttons so as to spread the word. Both the Shopify App Store and Magento Marketplace offers apps and integrations to elevate your SEO efforts.

Does the size of the business make the Platform choice different?

As we have previously discussed, both Magento and Shopify are exceptionally successful e-commerce platforms to run an online store. Being Magento partners as well as being Shopify partners, we at Xcentric Services can tell you that yes the size of your business has a direct impact on your choice of platform that would work better for you. With startups like Golden girl and Equator, we use Shopify, while with large enterprises like the Textile Brand and Foot lib we use Magento. Magento’s licensing is free and you only have to pay for Magento Hosting services as opposed to Shopify, that has monthly charges for the set plan. For Magento, you need relatively bigger investment, which is affordable for a large scale business but for a small business, it’s more convenient to take a small amount of money every month, which is more suited for Shopify users.

In the Nutshell

Magento and Shopify have their respective perks and are well-loved by the people using them. Making a decision of choosing any one out of both will have a direct effect on your business. So take your time to decide what works best for you and use these comparisons to make an educated decision. Contact us at Xcentric services and let us help you make a decision, to improve the face of your business.