Is Facebook Marketing Still Useful For Businesses In 2022?

Facebook Marketing

Is Facebook Marketing Still Useful For Businesses In 2022?

Facebook has had some real challenging years in the past. It faced issues that ranged from the spread of trolls and signups of fake accounts. With other fast-growing platforms like Instagram, TikTok, and Snapchat getting increasingly popular, businesses started doubting the importance of Facebook Marketing. Oh well, we can now set the records straight – Facebook is still one of the largest social media platforms in the world. It has more than 2.75 billion active monthly users and reaches 60% of the social media users in the world.

Moreover, the platform is also investing in becoming the doorway to the metaverse, which is believed to reshape digital marketing. Businesses – especially those who sell mainstream services and products, can lose A LOT if they do not have a solid strategy or refuse to hire an agency.

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Though before you invest in Facebook as a marketing platform, we want you to give this blog a read. It covers the benefits of marketing on the social giant and gives an insight into the optimization tactics that help promote a business successfully. We have also touched on the significance of the Facebook metaverse for a business and how it will influence future strategies.

What Are The Benefits Of Marketing A Business On Facebook?

As a Facebook Marketing Agency in Pakistan, there is one thing that we can swear by – the benefit of the social media platform fosters growth in the longer run. It is a great marketing tool for both; direct and indirect marketing.

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By supporting highly-targeted paid marketing at affordable rates, Facebook helps businesses reach out to their target audience in no time. Hence, with a well-planned strategy for marketing on Facebook, as a business, you can:

Attract a new audience base and reach out to more people

Engage with window shoppers, customers, and also friendly competitors

Build brand awareness through contests, viral posts, and paid Ads

Encourage word-of-mouth marketing on social media

Target the audience with a high potential of converting

Build and nurture relationships with repeat customers

Provide customer support in real-time at little to no cost

While you can achieve all this through other social media platforms too, Facebook still gets the advantage – thanks to Generation Z, Millennials, and Baby Boomers. They have a high purchasing power and use Facebook every single day.

Moreover, businesses across different industries also use the social media platform, spanning from B2C startups to B2B enterprises. In fact, B2B marketing on Facebook is equally practiced as B2C marketing.

Finally, what gets Facebook leverage over the other platforms in the marketing field is its tools that even non-tech people can also master. Even a 16-year-old selling craft on Facebook will use the same tools used by a successful retail store. However, not to forget – planning a Marketing Strategy for the platform is not a walk in the park and you can always hire an agency like us to nail marketing on Facebook.

Four Best Practices To Promote Your Business On Facebook

Considering all that we have talked about above, now is a good time for you to learn how to nail Facebook Marketing by using the features of the platform. Right below, we have covered some best practices that take businesses ahead of the competition on Facebook. Give them a read before you brainstorm new marketing ideas.

1. Maximize Facebook Features

Online buyers demand convenience. If they click on a specific Ad featuring a product that they liked and immediately see the complete product list with price along with an Add To Cart button, the sale is sealed.

Hence, set up your Facebook business page and paid Ads in such a way that they lead to the shop directly. By doing so, you will generate leads and sales in a matter of minutes. In addition, create a Facebook group focused on the interests relevant to your business. Another option is creating a Customer Support Group – which will attract interested and current customers indirectly.

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2. Integrated Features & Multiple Ad Formats

Take full advantage of the content formats and features that are available on the social media platform. For instance, if you already have an Instagram account for your business, update it with Facebook simultaneously by posting stories.

Advertising on the social giant is worth all the money spend on it – provides that the campaigns are managed by experts. What is great about Facebook is that a business of every size can advertise on it and generate a high ROI. For example, our Digital Marketing experts at Xcentric increased the engagement rate and post clicks for a client by 11% with a budget of only $25. Looks impressive, right?

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3. Leverage Micro-Influencer Marketing

One of the widely recommended best practices that always work on Facebook is influencer marketing. The best part about it is that businesses do not have to spend billions of dollars on influencers and celebrities with lots of followers.

Many big brands have uncovered the potential of turning towards micro-influencers and you should be following this trend. Despite having a small follower count, these influencers are still perceived as quite influential – just like their prominent counterparts.

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4. Pay Attention To Metaverse & Meta

Meta gave everyone a thrilling peek into the metaverse. However, according to Zuckerberg, it will not be happening in the next five to ten years. Some marketers are understandably not interested and skeptical about making it a part of their Facebook Marketing strategies.

But remember? Even the social giant Facebook was unheard of some years ago and now, it is developing technology merging virtual reality and real-world experiences. While metaverse might seem a far-fetched idea right now, it will soon become a BIG part of marketing.

So, while you are looking forward to the future, also observe the tech industry. Get the marketing ideas from experts who know the art of using Facebook for a business. Moreover, include all the integrated applications and brands right under Meta. It will form a solid foundation for a marketing environment that will later take the shape of the metaverse.

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    Facebook is right on track by being one of the biggest social media platforms in the world. If things work as planned for Meta, it will also grow into a digital world where leisure, conducting business, and work can all be done simultaneously.

    So, if you are ready to future-proof your business and reap all the benefits that Facebook has to offer – high engagement, boosted brand awareness, and increased sales, count on us. To succeed on the platform, you need to have a solid strategy, preferably planned by marketing pros.

    We have such people at Xcentric who help businesses succeed by marketing and advertising them on Facebook. In fact, all of our Facebook Marketing Services Packages are carried out by experienced professionals. Reach out to us today to get on board and have our team plan your tailored marketing plan that is fit for 2022 and beyond.

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