Interactive Screens are a powerful display option that comprehends your brand’s message or information displayed larger than life. Provided that they are designed with business in mind, they easily integrate seamlessly, in any corporate environment they’re displayed in. Moreover, this technology gives you the opportunity to present catalogs to customers and collaborate with them efficiently, helping you achieve your goals.

Interactive content engages your audience, encouraging feedback and participation while increasing productivity.

Interactive Screen Commercial Display

As a climax of several screens, interactive screens offer an effective way to display your content in front of your customers. All thanks to its WOW factor on a scale not usually seen by audiences. As impressive as interactive touch screens are, they are generally a responsive solution. In view of the fact that viewers interact with them visually, they leave a powerful sense completely unused.

What makes these interactive touchscreen displays so incredibly effective is their flexibility. With this in mind that wide-ranging applications are using them to grow. Interactive Screens Commercial Display serves as the perfect solution for those looking to engage shoppers and passers-by, increase footfall, or enhance the sales experience, to name but a few targets this may assist with.

So, revolutionize the way customers shop at stores by getting Interactive Screen Commercial Display Services in Pakistan. In fact, guide them through large format images and video tours; eventually, with a swipe of your hand. At the same time, by putting customers in control of the content they are being shown, you allow them to take more ownership of their decisions. Additionally, it also allows for a truly unforgettable buying experience which can significantly change how customers perceive your product or service. Likewise, it’s a powerful way to enforce brand reputation and keep shoppers informed whilst they contemplate large purchasing decisions – decisions best made.

The Advantages of our Digital Interactive Signage

Enduring and Professional – Our Interactive Screen Display Services will help you to draw attention, engage with your target audience, and illustrate inspiring content!

Our state-of-the-art interactive screen solutions boast the PCAP technology, enabling up to 10 touch-points and superior visual quality for elevated user experience. Moreover, with enduring plasma-treated tempered glass surfaces, our interactive solutions are resistant to the residue for a low sustenance digital choice that endures fresh-looking content. 

Interactive Screens are an incredible approach to getting your audience to engage with your business. Commonly, digital signage wins 400%* more views than static illustrations, alongside these benefits;

  • Collect data from customer interaction with screens
  • Interactive solutions to fit any budget
  • Low maintenance; Treated glass to increase residue resistance
  • PCAP technology 
  • Cloud-based CMS for 24/7 remote access to content updates

Why Choose Xcentric?

At Xcentric, we take pride in delivering our clients A+ commercial-grade Interactive Screens, along with;

  • Full-service; Including Hardware, Software, and Content
  • Project Management; From Surveys to Installation
  • Technical Support; Every Step of the Way
  • Branding and Graphic Designing Services for Digital Content

Get in touch with us today and let us equip you with a fitting digital signage solution because they’re now in trends for displaying digital in-store catalogs, and personalized offers.

Find out how we can put solutions like these to work for you.