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Launched back in 2010, Instagram is now a social giant which businesses are actively using as a digital marketing tool. Like every marketing agency around the globe, we too provide Instagram Marketing Services to help brands increase online conversion rates and build brand awareness. To our surprise, in just a few years, this image-sharing social media platform boasts the highest count of monthly active users.

According to the stats, Online Marketing Instagram is a favourite of 30% of savvy marketers. However, in the same case, the percentage of brands using the social media platform as a digital marketing channel is quite low. Why? precisely because they think that their target audience is not there on Instagram, hence, being on the social media platform would be of no benefit. Are you thinking the same? Well then, you are surely missing out on a HUGE opportunity to improve your digital presence, increase engagement rates and boost online sales.

At Xcentric Services, we use the latest marketing tools and technologies to plan out an Instagram Marketing Strategy – which brings a brand to a better digital position. To put such strategies into action, we use social media platforms like Instagram that grab maximum target audience attention towards brands. In general, we have many valid reasons why brands need to have Instagram on their marketing radar.

Gaining Audience With Instagram Marketing

Instagram is a visual-sharing Social Media Application that has taken the world by storm – the Millennials and Generation Z are a live example of how engaging the platform is. Just a few months after its launch, the Instagram fever spread like wildfire, the user count is increasing to date.

Notably, this increase in the user count on Instagram makes it convenient to use marketing channels for marketing pros – to interest the target audience and generate leads. However, as an Instagram Marketing Company, we believe that it is very crucial to implement the right Instagram Marketing Strategies to get the desired results. For example, the time you post, what type of post you share, and if the post actually interests the audiences’ attention are major role players in success. Only if all these factors are considered and everything is on-point, then only you can see an increase in engagement rates – and our marketing team at Xcentric nails it all very well.

What Is Instagram Marketing?

Investing in result-driven Social Media Marketing Services is what many famous brands do to boost their online sales and improve online conversion rates. Considering this fact, we at Xcentric plan out Instagram Strategies for brands who want to communicate with their target audience on digital media and market their products. Our marketing team puts in the best efforts to come up with new and innovative marketing ideas to get brands’ popularity on Instagram. Though all along, they do not forget the major goal – displaying and selling products to the customer in a better and innovative way.

Before starting working on planning an Instagram Marketing Campaign for a client, we initially make a strategy. As every social media platform offers different features and works uniquely, we make sure that whatever strategy we put into action, delivers the best results. In detail, strategies that we mostly plan for our clients perform the following tasks on Instagram:

  • Target Audience
  • Communicate with Customers
  • Promoting Brand Loyalty
  • Broadcasting Promotional Events
  • Increase Brand Visibility
  • Driving Website Traffic


Our goal behind providing Instagram Marketing Services is to help businesses build brand awareness. We accomplish it by:

·  In-House Management

Our social media marketing experts at Xcentric Services design and publish each post for a client’s Instagram profile in-house, ensuring that no task is outsourced by any other company.

·  Real Instagram Followers

In our experience of being a marketing agency, we have never favoured using bots and buying followers. Therefore, when your business grows with us, there is a guarantee that the followers  increased organically and we’ll ultimately convert them into customers.

·  Innovative Instagram Content

Instagram marketing experts at Xcentric draft brand-new content with their knowledge and combine branding elements that a client prefers. Thus, ensuring that the content and posts created for clients will be unique and plagiarism-free.

·  Full-Service Management

As a full-service Digital Marketing Agency, we meet the Instagram challenges with every step we take on the road to building a strategy for our clients. To bring out the best of Instagram Marketing, we also include advertising, branding, and graphic designing in our services.

We urge brands across the globe to jump onto the Instagram Marketing bandwagon to promote their business in front of the target audience. Hence, if you need professional help to make your mark on Instagram, get on board with us!

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