How to Generate 10 Million Online Sales Consistently?

Online Sales

How to Generate 10 Million Online Sales Consistently?

In this tech-driven era, there’s one best way to earn passive income, and that’s Online Sales. Though many businesses visualize going online, however, at some point, they turn cold feet, stating that they don’t have enough resources. Yet, the very famous retail giants state this as a poor excuse, considering that some of the world’s largest Online Retail Stores started as a one-man-show.

We’ve been helping businesses with Web Design and Development of their Online Retail Stores at Xcentric Services. Hence we believe, building an Online Store and generating huge Online Sales out of it is no easy feat. But still, the reality is, to be a successful Online Retailer, you need to take the risk.

“If you don’t find a way to make money while you sleep, you will work until you die” – Warren Buffet, CEO Berkshire Hathaway

Considering this powerful quote, we assume, having an Online Retail Store is one effective way to earn while you snooze. However, it’s not an easy play, and whether you’re a newbie or a long-standing business in the E-Commerce industry, everyone dreams of generating sky-rocketing sales. Unfortunately, every business goes through many plateaus and drops, but don’t get discouraged.

We’re Magento Solution Partners having loads of experience in handling Online Stores, and we assume you’re one broke Online Retailer finding ways to up their sales. Luckily, here’s where the fun begins!

Scale your Online Store with these Tips and Generate 10 Million Sales, CONSISTENTLY!

Generating 10 Million in sales is more about the mindset and approach. So let’s go through some tips which are sure to help you in reaching this mark of Online Sales.

1. Attract Customers with SEO and Digital Marketing

Almost every bit of Online Sales are generated by Organic Searches, which are supported by Digital Marketing in Pakistan campaigns, SEO, Affiliations, and powerful Brand Recognition; A secret shared by top-notch Online Retailers.

Hence, start creating content and insert in target keywords because they’ll help you reach higher on the SERPs of Google. Moreover, the savvy marketers suggest, set up an affiliate program where you send in thank you emails to each of your affiliates. Regardless of the number of sales they’ve made. This way, they’ll help you get more referrals. Summing up, this gain from each of your affiliates can take your sales to the next level. Thus, creating a win-win occasion.

Online Sales

2. Know the Psychology of E-Commerce Sales

In one of our previous articles, we’ve discussed the Psychology of E-Commerce Sales, and how online retailers can benefit from the copycat effect, to increase their online sales conversions. Nevertheless, there is always something more to add, as the technology advances. Hence, measure everything and know the E-Commerce psychology by;

  • Offering time-limited Discounts – They promote a major FOMO in the Audience
  • Craft an expert Return-Exchange Policy
  • Bundle Products, Cross-Selling, and Price Anchors are major sales boosters

Tweak your online store with these tricks and tips because they’re proven to lead online stores to higher conversions.

Online Sales

3. Be Creative, but Be Wiser

The key to generating high sales on your Online Store isn’t just by being creative. The catch here is to be creative, in the right ways, within the allocated budget. Here’s an example;

A business invests $5000 in designing a new logo, whereas there was a need to fix some functionalities of their website. So, what was the real need? The creative might be of no appeal to the customers if your website isn’t operating well.

Hence, invest wisely in creative and never cut corners on investing in website fixes because an efficient website generates for you more sales.

4. Build a Brand, Not just an Online Store

Reality Check – Online Stores fade away, but Brands are timeless. Therefore, if you wish to generate 10 Million Online sales, then focus on fostering long-term relationships with your customers. For instance, Apple has always been associated with its easy to use and well-designed products.

Likewise, every business should think of creating a brand because it has a direct impact on the customers’ perception of your business and the products you’re selling.

Online Sales

The Catch – Never Stop Learning!

Is there something more to break through generating 10 Million online sales consistently? Yes. Though the list of tips above gives you an insight into what you should be focusing on, there’s often a mindset that takes Online Retailers a step back from being consistent. If a business assumes that they know everything, they certainly don’t know anything. If you wish to generate 10 Million in sales, you might need to pay for getting advice on how you can improve and learn as you grow. Perhaps, achieving the mark of 10 Million sales is very important to every E-Commerce Business. Hence if you need some assistance, Contact Us at Xcentric Services today!

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