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In an ever-changing retail environment, grocery industrialists and online food retailers are constantly innovating and utilizing web and mobile technology to ease the consumer shopping journey. Hence they are also finding ways to use digital technology to streamline business operations. From smart shelf labels to the use of artificial intelligence, retail technology is paving the way for a grocery experience unlike anything shoppers have ever seen before.

Under scoring the depth of grocery industry knowledge and extensive capabilities, Xcentric delivers retail solutions that directly address the primary drivers for growth in grocery manufacturing and retailing. Xcentric provides solutions leading to improvements in business intelligence capabilities in supply chain and logistics operations to online retailing. This triggers informed, better, faster and smarter decision making which in turn increases operational visibility and advances the enterprise-wide analytical maturity. In today’s radical retail industry changes by the rapid fire-pace of technology, our solutions are designed so as to streamline each retail process.

Due to an inflating consumer demand for everything from online grocery shopping to more personalized digital advertising, the rise of technology in the grocery industry is reaching a fever pitch. According to a recent grocery survey: 89% of shoppers want to shop in a supermarket that understands how to make buying groceries more efficient. While that 70% of grocery shoppers will be shopping online in as few as 5 to 7 years.

Similarly, grocers are leveraging data and machine learning to build retail loyalty, customer trust and convenience among grocery shoppers through personalization, price matching and more informed recommendations to shoppers. Of course all without impeding on people’s privacy.

Xcentric enables the general functionalities to be able to control cost and performance at grocery retailing , activating mobile traceability with a complete inventory and warehouse management.

Still, many traditional grocers need help with automatically replenishing products in stores, or shopper subscription, or  artificial intelligence, or voice technology and digital assistants in future. Though retailers possess humongous amount of data on shopping habits of customers, particularly through their retail loyalty schemes, these retailers  are not as good as big tech companies at using it to make personalized offers to customers.Xcentric understands   online and offline worlds are coming together. This ability to connect with the customer and mine data is going to be one of the main capabilities for the future retail. The broader picture indicates that most grocery consumers want a seamless experience — The ability to purchase grocery in person, online, or by employing click-and-collect or home delivery, as per their needs and circumstances warrant. To be sure, Xcentric agrees that experience is paramount in creating a place that shoppers want to be, out and away from their computer screens. A seamless and frictionless experience has been our key focus.

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