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Fast Food

Fast Food

Xcentric allows money-saving adjustments in choosing suppliers and scheduling delivery.

In today’s competitive business environment, analytics for every industry plays a very important role. When we talk about Fast Food Industry, analytics aid in supply management. The process of supply management for every organization holds immense importance as any error or flaw in the supply chain management can disturb the whole process of the organization. Supply chain management starts with the point-of-sale terminals, which provides real-time information that software can analyze. These software helps to answer questions regarding supply chain management such as what are you spending the most on, is excessive inventory causing inefficiency and wastage of resources, are there any regular fluctuations over the week and much more? By supplying performance management solutions for years; we have built up a knowledge of the challenges the industry faces and from that we have developed a range of ‘best practice solutions’ for customers who actively want to reduce costs eventually leading to greater efficiency, manage the performance of employees and grow the business in new or existing markets.

Whether you are trading with food or beverages or any other business commodity, Xcentric provides you with extensive suite of modules designed specifically for Food industries to manage the supply of products from contract orders through production integration and delivery.

The best results come when all the tools work together smoothly. Having lots of data isn’t valuable by itself. Trying to deal with disorganized information is inefficient, and decisions based on it are not always good ones. Precisely it all begins and ends with right information and it is about having right information and using it at the right time. Equipment, supplies, food preparation, order taking, and serving are all parts of the service chain. Inefficiency anywhere along any part of the process affects the whole process which affects the performance of whole business. We at Xcentric have people with expertise and right tools that can provide you with services that are valuable for your business in this competitive world. These services provided by Xcentric Services can help you to better forecast your sales, increase your performance, efficiency, customer satisfaction leading to higher sales and profitability for the business.

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