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Tailoring Innovative Activations to Help Brands Dress for Wins.

The fashion industry, from luxury boutique to any high-end fashion brand chain, is undergoing a momentous change at the very hands of the digital revolution.

Fashion Industry is fast evolving and transitioning to become more digital-centric. Most retailers have already sailed through the first stage in e-commerce retailing and others are getting thereby setting up visually appealing online stores, integrating payment gateways and offering efficient delivery logistics.

In an increasingly swarming market where success was once measured by what was sold per square foot, the key to creating a lasting and valuable relationship in the fashion world nowadays lies in how a brand approaches customers and potential shoppers every step of the way. From first impressions, all the way through the purchase to repetitive purchases. At Xcentric, we always seek to deliver engaging digital connections and personalized customer experiences to surge awareness, increases store and online traffic, drive ROI and most importantly out-pace the competition.

It’s amazing how technology is substituting how the fashion industry makes decisions. With real-time analytics ERP’s give actionable data that many companies presently use to make purchasing and merchandising decisions.

The impact of technology’s impact on the fashion retail sector has been difficult to overlook. The shift from physical retail stores to a world of online e-commerce has forced conventional retailers to re-think business strategies and adapt to rapid changes in consumer preferences and hence technology advancements. Whilst noticing the disruptive impact of e-commerce and other technologies on traditional retailing, equal or more focus has been sited on the corresponding role erp technology is playing to streamline processes, develop more efficient systems, and modernize operations within the fashion and retailing industry.

From supply chain modernization technology to rationalizing and creating more efficient processes, to the extensive use of data analytics and now to artificial intelligence to facilitate business decisions, or to the incorporation of social media marketing platforms and tools to impact purchasing decisions, erp ’s and analytical tools are not only changing how the contemporary fashion enterprise functions, but also how its products interact with a consumer whose buying behaviour is continuously being radically re-shaped by new technologies.

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