Facebook Advertising & Marketing – The Trends We Follow To Make It Successful For Businesses

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Facebook Advertising & Marketing – The Trends We Follow To Make It Successful For Businesses

Facebook Advertising and marketing is continuously evolving, which means that to achieve maximum success, strategies also need to be tweaked. However, with businesses having A LOT to handle on their plate, it gets challenging to keep pace with trends. Hence, to put your best foot forward, hire Xcentric Services to market and advertise your business on the social giant.  BUT, knowing that handing over the responsibility to us is a big deal, to answer your concerns, let us give you an insight into how we maintain a strong presence of our clients on Facebook.

Top SIX Trends We Follow For Facebook Marketing & Advertising

Keeping clients on pace with the Social Media Trends is our top-most priority as we work together. Hence, to plan their marketing and advertising strategies, we leverage the following trends to work through strategies and take them ahead in the competition.

1.     Facebook Shopping

One major trend that has been widely popular throughout 2021 and will stay beyond it is Facebook Shopping. With the social media platform enabling businesses with more E-Commerce capabilities on the pages, we have taken it up as an opportunity.

For our clients that sell products online, we create a shop highlighting every product they sell. Therefore, giving their target audience a place to purchase without leaving the social media application.

In simpler words, to use Facebook shopping, we tag products in the photos of the client’s feed so that the audience can identify them. Besides that, for easier selling, we also enable in-app checkout on the Facebook Shop, which further seals the sale.

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2.     User-Generated Content

All across social media platforms, user-generated content has always been there for keeping the target audience engaged. In short, it is the content that is created by the customers and is shared by us on the client’s feed.

Frankly speaking, it is fun for the audience to look at videos and photos created by them on a brand’s feed, which is why we never miss it when planning a Facebook Strategy for our clients. Plus, we also believe that it is one of the best ways to share authentic content on the feed that the target audience always craves.

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3.     Chatbots

Another one of Social Media Marketing Trends 2021 that will be not going anywhere is chatbot integration with Facebook Messenger. Using the software, we build these chatbots for our clients and record automated messages. Therefore, addressing the frequently asked questions of their target audience related to the products.

For one of our clients at Xcentric Services, we integrate a chatbot and also gave it a name. It answers all the questions the client’s target audience has about the products, promotes them, and often pushes some a step ahead in the sales funnel.

4.     Facebook Stories

In the past few years, the Stories feature on Facebook is becoming increasingly popular, just like the one on Instagram. This works effortlessly because we cross-post stories on both platforms for our clients.

Also, considering that there are lots of options to create engaging content for stories when providing Facebook Advertising and marketing services, we start from small. For instance, a text-based story or a single image. Other than that, our creative team also uses tools within the application for creating eye-catchy and unique story designs. All in all, a story-specific strategy is planned for every client to get them the most out of Facebook.

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5.     Hashtags

Hashtags started from Twitter. However, over the past decade, they have grown popular on all the social media platforms. Lately, the social giant Facebook has also started giving importance to hashtags when it comes to finding content.

So, similar to using hashtags on Instagram, we also use them on Facebook when posting on the client’s feed as it gives the posts a longer life. To be precise, instead of just looking at the individual posts, the target audience can search for bigger topics using hashtags a brand uses.

Also, we do not just use random hashtags with the posts. Instead, our marketing team first categorizes posts based on the type of content and then uses relevant hashtags in the captions. Moreover, a branded hashtag is also created for every client’s brand and customers are encouraged to use it.

6.     Facebook Ads

While advertising on Facebook has been in the trends for a while now, it is one of those that will stay beyond 2021. But, the actual question is that what are the best tactics businesses should apply when it comes to Facebook Advertising.

As a marketing agency, we focus a lot on newsfeed Ads for advertising our clients on the social media platform. Display and column Ads can do the job. However, the ones placed in the newsfeed provide a more creative space to our team.

So, by pulling together a fully-converting Ad copy paired with engaging visuals, we bring our clients some REAL advertising results in the form of sales. Fair enough, it does take lots of testing of visuals but the sales are worth the effort.

Ready To Update Your Facebook Marketing Strategy?

Above, we have listed just a few trends that we follow for Facebook Social Media marketing and advertising. There are a lot more that we are keeping an eye on and will leverage in 2022 for our clients. Want us to help you get into these trends while you focus on other business tasks? Contact us TODAY at [email protected] and by implementing the right strategies, team Xcentric Services will take your business to new levels of success.

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