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We see many organizations handle ERP investments without proper due diligence, consequential in little or no strategic benefit being gained to the organizations. Our team of ERP consultants at Xcentric Services has the expertise to help the CIOs and every ERP stakeholder of an organization by providing them Microsoft ERP Strategy and Consulting Services in Pakistan. They use thought-out ERP strategies that are result-driven and support businesses in delivering real value to their customers.

Usually, ERP software is expensive. While some businesses are spending a seven-digit investment in having one, others might spend millions of dollars. And along the way, Dynamics AX has emerged as a more inclusive ERP. Do you know why?

Cloud Softwre ERP


Operating on the cloud is very beneficial because it includes auto-updating. Yes, you won’t have to update your software anymore. Everything will update automatically in the background.

Technically, installing a full-fledged cloud environment takes less time. Moreover, the crash recovery, loss of backup servers, development testing, and the accessibility of production environments have made life simple for ERP stakeholders. Plus, it also facilitates scalability based on your requirements. Hence, you won’t have to pay for the features and modules that you won’t be using. Even additions or removal of users is now simple and instantaneous.


Microsoft features a lot of Lifecycle Services that comprise of tools that help enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of procedures that are guided by the system. Thus, shortening the processing time and maintaining efficiency.

Fast Deployement
Smart Int ERP


Popular CRM’s and Office 365 helps leverage on specific decisions by giving an insight into data that is needed for integrations.
Combining Microsoft Dynamics AX with Power BI to consolidate the data, reports, and metrics that pre-configured by the user. Consequently, modifying the data into sharp visuals, which are much lighter to digest and interpret.


For the current users of Microsoft Dynamics, performance centers, a.k.a dashboards, are now renewed with workspaces. These are mini-applications that support businesses in focusing on the essential phases of their job tasks. Moreover, it also enables them to view and act on whatever they need from a task window. It allows them to view and work on what they need from a single task window. All the accompanying activities are also on the same window screen; to provide users with a personalized experience and improve their productivity. 



Contrary to other ERP solutions, Microsoft is recognized for its user-friendly and graphical interface. Besides, it is also famous for continually providing a light and convenient user experience that makes it manageable for teams to coordinate.
Cloud-first implies that it is accessible through a web browser. Hence, eliminating the hassle of installing it on your machine and having additional servers to store all the backups.

Find out how we can put ERP solutions like these to work for you.