Microsoft Dynamics AX is the most state-of-the-art and widely  used global enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution for your business organization. Also, Microsoft Dynamics AX has been re-branded Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations, On-Premises. You may shot the next steps to learn how a modern, intelligent ERP solution can help you accelerate your business. Microsoft Dynamics AX helps enterprises increase the speed of doing business by enabling people to make smarter decisions, redesign business process faster, and fuel business growth.


Microsoft Dynamics AX provides more business value by delivering core ERP and industry-specific capabilities. You can Build a connected, agile and flexibly resilient supply chain with Microsoft Dynamics AX  (now known as Microsoft Dynamics 365) Supply Chain Management.

You can streamline your entire supply chain planning, production, stock, warehouse, and even transportation. This can eventually help your business to optimize and maximize operational efficiency, product quality, and business profitability using predictive insights from AI and the Internet of Things (IoT). Microsoft Dynamics AX is designed to work the way your people already work. With Microsoft business apps and IT infrastructure, you will see faster employee adoption and broader usage.



With Microsoft Dynamics AX  ,automate and streamline your supply chain effectively and efficiently. Microsoft Dynamics AX  helps enhance delivery of your products and services by productively using predictive analytics. Microsoft Dynamics AX optimises planning and improves the logistics, fulfilment and material sourcing of your supply chain. With Microsoft Dynamics AX  Warehouse management automate your warehouse processes to reduce operational costs. Microsoft Dynamics AX  ‘s advanced Transportation management helps business use global transportation planning and freight reconciliation.


  • Microsoft Dynamics AX helps you close your financial books faster. It helps you simplify global financial management with its in-depth and modern reporting capabilities, unmatched financial intelligence, and embedded real-time analytics.

    YOu can activate agile and flexible financial reporting that sustains multiple legal entities and financials currencies in a single instance. Microsoft Dynamics AX can natively handle foreign exchange and shortening end-of month process. It also helps you,

    • Increase profits and improve cashflow with machine learning predictive recommendations and proactive guidance for timely customer payments.
    • Acquire readily available resources and solutions!
    • Faster time to value from technology investments.
    • By using Microsoft Dynamic AX, Easily adjustto rapidly changing global financial requirements. You can use flexible, guided, rules-based chart of accounts and dimensions. Also, you can manage frequently changing regulatory requirements with no-code configurable tax, e-invoicing, payment, and reporting formats.
    • With Microsoft Dynamic AX , demand forecasting can improve forecasting accuracy to boost product availability and minimize inventory costs.
    • With its native in-built Human resources, you can get complete functionality with payroll analytics, employee benefit updates,  position forecast and Hr & Payroll reporting.
    • Microsoft Dynamic AX Master data management increases the consistency of your data across your entire business organization and deployments.


  • Microsoft Dynamics AX helps you  Maximise financial visibility. You can check  profitability by automating  and modernising your global financial operations with Microsoft Dynamics AX , now knows as Dynamics 365 Finance. Businesses can monitor their organization’s performance in almost real time and predict future outcomes. Furthermore, you can make data-driven decisions to steer business growth. Moreover you can
    • Reduce operational expenses
    • Get peace of mind with trusted cloud.
    • Scale your business operations globally.
    • Minimise costs and optimise operational spending across business geographies with financial planning and analysis , process automation and budget control.
    • Create easy-to-use Budget Plans worksheet templates for Microsoft Excel.


  • • Elevate your brand with Microsoft Dynamics AX (now Dynamics 365 Commerce.) to deliver personalized and seamless customer shopping experiences across physical and digital channels.
    • Deliver incomparable and exceptional retail experiences that elevate your brand!
    • Get ahead in today’s competitive environment with tools that drive retail operations, deliver a connected employee experience and delight customers with exceptional shopping experiences resulting in a positive business impact.
    • Relish seamless commerce and Omni-channel experience.
    • Global expansion with flexible deployments
    • Engage with rich clientele, real-time inventory lookup, and back-office capabilities using the contemporary point of sale (POS)
    • Build loyalty and beat customer expectations by a comprehensive view of each customer on a unified retail commerce platform. You may respond to their needs at every level of customer engagement, and nurture lasting relationships through intelligent tools that support and boost your brand.
    • Increase your business with an end-to-end retail commerce solution that scales to your business needs across both traditional e-commerce and emerging channels.
    • Create personalized and totally friction-free retail experiences.  Additionally, you can integrate and optimize back-office operations throughout in-grained and pervasive AI and machine learning.
    • Engage customers across all channels. You can give your customers the choice to purchase when, how, and wherever they want. They can buy from any device by delivering a smooth and consistent engagement squarely through online and offline channels.

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