Dropshipping On A Shopify E-Commerce Website -THE ULTIMATE GUIDE  

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Dropshipping On A Shopify E-Commerce Website -THE ULTIMATE GUIDE  

Are you a newbie entrepreneur? Then, you must be short on two things – money and time. But hey, the good news is that this is nothing that you should be worried about. Startups usually do not make a profit right away and without having money to pay employees, the time for startup entrepreneurs is stretched. All of this makes Dropshipping on a Shopify E-Commerce website a great business model.

By outsourcing shipping, warehousing, and eve manufacturing to a third party, you can keep the costs low and focus on marketing your brand as an entrepreneur. Though we understand, because the model is quite new, it confuses people. Hence, we have written this detailed guide. If you want to find out how Dropshipping works and how sourcing a third party benefits – keep reading the blog!

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5 Steps To Start Dropshipping On A Shopify E-Commerce Website 

Dropshipping is a model that enables entrepreneurs to retail products that are produced, warehoused, and even shipped by a third party from their own online web store. Technically, the products are charged to the entrepreneur only after a sale is made, which means that there is no risk of overstocking during Shopify Dropshipping.

If you are a first-time entrepreneur, this model is a great option for you to free up time that can be otherwise focused on promoting the business and testing new product ideas. Convinced to start a Dropshipping business on Shopify E-commerce? Follow these five steps to do it successfully:

1.  Find A Dropshipping Niche

Unless an entrepreneur is using a print-on-demand business model or Dropshipping private-label goods, there are high chances of their products being available from other retailers. Then, how can you differentiate yourself as a Shopify E-Commerce store owner in a marketplace that is crowded? By simply finding a Dropshipping niche.

A segment of a wide market is called a niche – which is differentiated because of its unique needs, interests, identity, or preferences. Although widely available commodities have high competition, through niching, new businesses can reduce the competition level. For instance, if you sell coffee, there will be tons of competition. However, if you sell vegan coffee, the competition level will reduce.

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With that being said, coming up with a defined audience is not as easy as it sounds. To find out a niche for Dropshipping, you have to validate the product idea and ensure that there is a target audience for it. Here is how you can do so:

  • Facebook Audience Insights – there are roughly 2.9 billion active monthly users on Facebook and the platform’s audience insight provides all the required information about their online activity, demographics, and interests.
  • Google Keyword Planner – billions of searches are processed by Google every single day, and by having the keyword planner tool at your disposal, there will be no limit to the count of niches you can uncover.
  • Google Trends – just like the keyword planner, Google Trends also has lots of information about which products people search for, along with the ability to measure interests over a period.

2.  Define The Target Audience

Once you are sure that there is a target audience for your Dropshipping web store, you need to learn more about them. Understanding the target audience helps in better making a choice about which channel to prioritize, which products to sell, how to promote the Shopify E-Commerce brand and the list goes on. When defining the target audience, asking the following questions will help:

  • Who is discovering your products and how?
  • Who will benefit the most from your products?
  • What differentiates your products from that of the competitors?

Reaching the target audience after investing in Shopify Development Services is not complex. However, it requires the entrepreneur to have a clear idea of the target audience they are selling to. Hence, when jumping on the Dropshipping bandwagon, make sure that your target audience is defined.

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3.  Find Dropshipping Suppliers 

There are hundreds of Dropshipping suppliers to choose between, but if you require a fully automated checkout process, leverage Dropshipping Shopify App Development. When an entrepreneur uses Shopify for Dropshipping their products, the order information is directly sent to the third-party supplier for shipping. The order is then marked as complete by the third party and a tracking number is marked on the order – which is sent to the customers directly.

4.  Promote To Target Audience On Social Media 

When it comes to promoting a new business, social media works as an exceptional tool. Paid advertising campaigns have an adjustable budget limit, so staying within the budget is also easy. Moreover, the audience on social media platforms is segmented by variables like the accounts they follow, online behavior, and interests. Therefore, making it easier to target those who are likely to be interested in what you sell.

Even without any budget for advertising, there is a lot that entrepreneurs can get out of social media for their Shopify E-Commerce website when Dropshipping. Hence, to promote your Dropshipping business, explore threads, online communities, and accounts in which your target audience resides. It will give you an insight into their pain points and the content type they share – all of which will help you promote YOUR products.

5.  Target An SEO Campaign 

Search engine optimization involves applying techniques that help in improving the website content, to increase traffic and revenues. Fair enough, improved visibility is valuable for every business, especially newbie entrepreneurs who are dependent on Dropshipping Suppliers.

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With each passing second, around 100,000 searches are processed by Google. That is A LOT of traffic, right? In fact, more than one-third of website traffic is driven through search engines, making increased visibility a valuable factor. Hence, when Dropshipping on Shopify, do target an SEO campaign to appear high on the SERPs.

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