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People-Perfect & Revenue-Driven – Our Local BPO Services

Our Call Center Agents at Xcentric assure that the new brands, along with the ones in the industry for years, can stabilize and grow, all by seamlessly transforming their bespoke services into sales transactions, and dynamically accelerate the lifetime customer value.


We have equipped our customer support agents with extensive customer-centric data silos from across our CLX Suite. Thus, wiring them for being always ready to anticipate and act on customer needs, across any channel – All while converting services into sales at every touchpoint, strategically.

We Lead and Motivate Engaged Champions that Support Big Brands

When it comes to recruiting for our customer support force, we are very selective, which results in meaningful and productive interactions with customers.

Building Customers Trust and Converting Services to Sales is our GOAL

Upselling isn’t an easy play if your customers don’t trust you – A reason why we, at Xcentric, make sure that our customer support agents exemplify the best of your brand. All while promptly solving the issues of your customers on the first order to set the table smartly for the next sale.

Advanced Retention and Win-Back Programs to Keep Customers in the Ecosystem

Customer retention is the KEY to open-ended brand revenue, performance, and gains. Our BPO Services assures that your angry customer won’t be turned into a lost one because we understand the importance of positive interaction, and how vocal is a lost customer.

The Xcentric Game – People-Perfect BPO Services

We, as one of the Best Call Centers in Lahore, solemnly believe in engaging and optimizing through our support agent force. We hire most of our agents through Agent Referrals. Now with this, you can imagine how happy support agents are to work at our Call Centers in Lahore that they want everyone to know about it? Their level of excitement and enthusiasm is all that will represent your brand – Daily. Monthly. Yearly.

Spreading Smiles Every Second

At Xcentric, our support agents and logical AI works hand-in-hand to deliver a highpoint in friendly, analytical, and outcome-oriented sales and support provided that the eventual result is cost reduction, brand protection, and boosted revenues.

All-inclusive Teleservices

At our Call Centers in Karachi, the customer support agents are encouraged to specialize in accomplishing highly-engaging and highly-valuable support calls with optimized call times suited for practical support and sales. Here’s what our teleservices include;

  • Customer Care
  • Services to Sales
  • Billing Inquiries
  • Sales
  • Customer Retention
  • Technical Support

Multi-channel Support

With the increasing trend of customers using digital and social channels to approach brands they prefer shopping from, we make sure that our support agents can work multi-channel. They handle inquiries from multi-channels, analyze the digital sentimentality for intellectual actions, and provide customers with a unique and interactive brand experience.

  • Chat
  • Email
  • Social Media
  • SMS
  • Analytics
  • Interactive Voice Response

Support Center Customization

Being one of the Top Call Centers in Lahore, we work with our clients to plan a contact center delivery model that is optimal for their business needs. Plus, we take into account every factor, including their unique position, tech limitations, business needs, and financial concerns. Once we assess the client’s set of requirements, we provide them with a structure of customized support solutions that fulfill their brand requirements

  • Completely Outsourced
  • Co-sourced
  • Re-building Facility
  • Build/Function/Transmission

AI Chatbot Conversions

Jam-packed with smart answers, our adaptive Chatbot is always available for the rescue. Even though it learns as it helps customers, it quickly triages and solves high-frequency support requests; All with the help of a database of pre-defined issues with resolution pathways for giving immediate solutions to customer inquiries.

End-to-end Innovations in the Customer Journey

The forward-thinking brands of this era need the support of more than just BPO Companies. They demand a partner that strategically helps them improve their business, discover efficiencies, and implement innovative and dynamic technologies and processes that initiate performance development and evolution across every link in your value chain.

  • Build Competences
  • Leverage Strategic Technologies
  • Streamline Processes; Internal and External
  • Implement Optimum Practices
  • Satisfy Brand Vision and Promise

Are you looking to Support your Customers and Drive Revenue?

We have Support Agents for that!

Upsell the Sell

Our support agents are not only trained for customer support but are also experts in executing sales, upselling, and cross-selling. They are also well-appointed with exclusive technologies that enable targeting a customer’s demographic location for brand deals and offers available, especially in their area.

Analytical Growth Selling

Before a customer reaches out to us with an inquiry, we are aware of their needs because our support agents are always observing customer satisfaction and the behavior threshold. So when our agent notices a customer approaching with a specific product or service need, they reach out to them in all the possible ways.

 and stop the cutting competition right at the pass of the sale!

Consumer History and Insight

Our full-stack customer experience platform stores everything. From every customer interaction to data points, all after processing, analyzing, and pulling it all apart. The CX platform supports every interaction. Thus, leading to highly-tailored and directed results for every customer touchpoint.

Retaining, Analytics, and Expertise

Our support agents keep your customers from switching to your competitor. They have access to insights into your customers’ needs and wants, coupled with a database of behavioral purchase analytics, both online and offline. All aspects considered, our call center agents are enabled to successfully address genuine customer needs and keep them under your roof.

Customer Experience Meets BPO Services

Reduce your spending, nurture customer relationships, increase lifetime value, and loyalty – CX summed up. With our high-level feedback and issue resolution management system, our call center agents receive a notification of every troubled and abandoning customer in real-time.

Algorithmic Feedback Monitoring

Every feedback submitted to the CLX suite is assessed and flagged, and if any of it falls below the defined threshold, the Issue Resolution Management Center kicks in high gears.

Full Issue Lifecycle Tracking

The CLX suite tracks every issue end-to-end through its lifecycle. From the initial feedback to brand action, resolution, and post-resolution feedback – Everything is monitored strictly to make sure that the customer is satisfied.

Transparent Issue Management and Tracking

With CLX, your staff, and our customer support agents can claim, allocate, and monitor all the feedback that comes into the suite. Thus, showing an all-inclusive, 360-degree, and real-time view of customer concerns.

Performance Accountability and Improvement

At every level of your organization, the actions are tracked. We monitor the performance, training needs, and customer sentiments to effectively resolve every issue.

THE STRATEGY; Support-to-Upsell

  1. Support Search on Web
  2. Strategized Placement of Brand Support Ads + Results
  3. Consumer Click Directs to Brand Chat, Landing Page, or a Call
  4. Direct Brand Sell and Upsell

Keyword Directed

Our paid search algorithms are optimized to place supporting Ads for common brand concerns at the top of a customer’s web search results.

Channel Optimization

To support clicks on search results to an appropriate webchat conversion, for our Call Centers in Islamabad, we use smart routing technology.

Streamlined Upselling Connections

Our inbound Chatbots and Agents are enabled to immediately diagnose issues when a customer directs towards a channel with an inquiry. Thus, providing them with other product lines, better packages, and product upgrades.

Disruptive Services by DESIGN

In the world of Business Process Outsourcing, we’ve grown as a service disrupter because we consistently beat and outpace our competitors. Are you finding an alternative to the lazy and costly million-dollar amateurs providing BPO Solutions? Get in touch with us; We bet to treat you as our most important client, regardless of your business size.



We urge high-value clicks across your search and social channels

On search engines like Google and Bing, along with social channels like Facebook, Instagram, and more, we place keyword-tested searches, visuals, and display Ads, strategically. All with an aim to drive high-value clicks and customers towards your website’s landing pages and call center.

Converting Clicks to Customers

Following every click, our SEO and SEM powered landing pages and BPO Call Center agents connect with your incoming customers and close the deal.  Later on, they upsell to them for generating revenue and growing subscribers.

We Optimize to Further Boost Increasing Customer Growth

With a brand-new circle of recently minted customers and a modern advertising plan in mind, we drive continuous Ad campaigns across your channels. Every campaign we strategize aims at encouraging new ways of carrying out business with existing customers, grow new subscribers, and bond customer coherence across your whole brand.



Optimized Customer Journey

At Xcentric, we collect and analyze customer feedback and their sentiments. Hence, we’ve touched a flow-state of refined feedback expertise, quick issue resolution practices, and technologies, and agreeable customer retaining techniques.

·         Excellence at every touchpoint

With our experience as a Call Center in Pakistan, we consolidate distinct data sets into one action-oriented dashboard. As the next step, our support agents monitor and act on feedbacks a brand gets from social media, call center support or sales data and chat data, along with customers’ click and research data. All in all, to satisfy your customers across the entire journey, we optimize the data streams.

·         CLX – Our Mantra

CLX is a way of life of every brand, not just a temporary fix. Hence, with our BPO services, we provide your teams with the best of sophisticated tools and applications that help them integrate Customer Experience into their business function’s core and tech-decisions.

·         Connected Business Units

Marshal every employee, manager, and executive at your organization towards fulfilling the customer needs and delight. Rest assured, our connected toolset will help them all in following real-time KPI reports, set action plans, and share data across the organization.

Find out how we can put solutions like these to work for you.