Crafting personalized brand experiences devices and screens. across

Audit Existing Strategy

Audit existing technology & infra, competitive research, product comparative analyses, technical proofs of concept for new components.

Content Strategy

Develop high level user journeys, an overarching content strategy, architectural plan, and a design framework to build resulting web/mobile experience

User Experience

Hyper-focusing on UX, to provide the best possible user experience to both end users and internal users.

Visual Design

Find the best way to express a compelling story—visually, interactively and thematically—in a way that best suits each medium and audience.

Tech Development

Deliver high-quality, maintainable code, through a mobile-first responsive approach to Application UI & modular JavaScript architecture

Marketing Technology

Work across any digital touchpoint from CRM and API integrations to email, rich media, and landing page template development.

API Integration

Integrate analytics, payment processing, maps, advertising, accounting, shipping, social media API’s, etc. into a completed viable release candidate

Quality Assurance

Validate our quality assurance test plan and then start the process of final bug regression.

Optimization & Performance

Provide solutions within your constraints by monitoring, deploying, load balancing & hosting services that your applications use.

Tech+ Marketing

At the end of the day, we are still a digital marketing company, full of marketing and technology experts.

Agile interdisciplinary process

We can adapt to each brand’s unique needs, culture, speed and is geared towards maximizing speed to market or digital ocean.

Fast-paced Workflow

Aids us to build experiences nimbly, measure resultant performance, and adapt as needed to meet the brand’s pre-defined goals.

Design is in our blood

We obsess over every comp, click , keyframe and comma. Eventually when we talk about our creative work, we reflect the brand experience as a whole.

Up to 75% of sales are lost due to a poor landing website page experience.

Scale Your Business

Nowadays, most brands are powered by robust and reliable technology that drives business growth 24/7. Digital platforms boost your brand’s entire ecosystem, CRM, connecting behavioral, social media avenues and targeted customer location data to personalize content and user experiences so your brand is timely, relevant, and contextually useful.
We at Xcentric create content with a strong communications purpose, backed by consumer insights and research. We then build well-designed, durable digital and web solutions to key business challenges across all touchpoints, devices and screens.

Let’s Start Developing
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Integrated Collaboration

Beyond just designing and developing, we create social media advertising content for brand communication that is crafted to WOW consumers and drive measurable business outcomes.

Our integrated approach to mobile and web development accentuates cross-team collaboration for maximum output. Our exceptional User Experience Design brings together teams involving experts from Digital marketeers, Content Strategy, User Experience Architecture, Visual Design, and Techie Dev backgrounds. Under the leadership of an Experience Director, these teams work together at each stage in the process.

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Since we have started working with Xcentric, our dental clinic has seen an increase in new patients by over 100%. The patient engagement with our revamped website has also improved, and we are continuously getting great results out of our marketing strategies.

Dr Shehzad Mirza

’’They are cool and contemporary, with true class, and their tech knowledge is as good as their aesthetic taste. Loved working with them on the website, now enjoying their marketing skills.’’

Mr. Ishrat Husain - SSAHR - Director

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