Xcentric services growth culture


We believe in passionate people

No matter of your academic background or years of career or interns experience or the organizations you have worked in. IF YOU DO WHAT YOU LOVE. WE PAY YOU.

You don’t have to be constricted by one type of capability or quality. In fact, most successful business leaders are combinations of several types. Bill Gates, for example, is Specialist-Builder, according to Abraham. Being one way or the other doesn’t minimize your chances of success, but knowing your strengths and weaknesses can help you objectively build your skill. So, Strive to surround yourself with people who compliment your strengths and minimize your weaknesses.

Similarly, it takes a special person to succeed here, and make a career. One who has the passion, confidence and work ethic to believe in their ability to come up with more great ideas if and when their original great idea dies. And ideas do die here. On every account. In every department. Great, ground-breaking ideas die horribly sad deaths. But what makes us better than most is our ability to go back to the well and come up with more, better, even greater and rockstar ideas. Solid people who understand this and have the afore-mentioned appetite, confidence, passion and work ethic tend to do well here and make a career.

Always have a room for one more crazy rockstar in our team.

No seriously, if you’re an enthusiastic change agent, let you hear. We currently have 3 open vacancies. Send us an open application to [email protected] and explain why you belong with Xcentric tribe.

“Xcentric Services serves businesses and potential individuals for change! Lets Grow Together”