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Deliver The Best To E-Commerce Customers

We are well-known as the best B2B E-Commerce Agency in Lahore because we use our years of experience and technology in combination with modern technology to bring businesses complete B2B E-Commerce Website Services. As a leading B2B E-Commerce Growth Agency, we at Xcentric Services help businesses create impressive experiences for their B2B customers.

We leverage the most effective B2B E-Commerce Platforms and ones that facilitate businesses in accomplishing the highest number of business-to-business conversions. Our innovative and complex development solutions include cutting-edge practices, such as ERP integrations, website customizations, and custom extensions and plugins. They help develop the perfect B2B websites for businesses and their customers. The services we offer as a B2B E-Commerce Agency in Lahore also include E-Commerce functionality and customized integration.

Overall, our team of developers and every E-Commerce Specialist is experienced in developing personalized solutions that are made to fit the business’s requirements so that their website turns out exactly the way they want. Moreover, as a B2B E-Commerce Agency in Lahore, we also help businesses leverage the maximum potential and power of the E-Commerce platform to scale and grow.


Start Your B2B E-Commerce Journey With Xcentric

Wherever a business may be in its B2B E-Commerce in Pakistan journey, the team at our B2B E-Commerce Agency in Lahore takes it further toward the goal. We offer our out-of-the-box ideas, years of development experience, and capability to build the perfect E-Commerce solution for a business’s needs. Feel free to get in touch with us for a more focused and detailed discussion.

FBR Integration

Front End Development

We have dedicated front-end developers at our B2B E-Commerce Agency in Lahore to develop bespoke websites. They have 15+ years of experience and develop innovative, responsive mobile and web experiences that convert viewers into customers who keep coming back for more.

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Back End Development

At Xcentric, our planning is as good as our execution. We build website architectures that can cope with evolving market dynamics. The experienced backend developers at our B2B E-Commerce Agency in Lahore take it upon themselves to develop websites functioning exactly the way YOU want.

Call Centers

Website Integrations

Our dedicated developers build complex customized E-Commerce connectors tailored to the business's specifications so that they can enjoy the B2B eCommerce features and functionality needed. Every integration ensures that the website connects seamlessly with third-party platforms and applications.

FBR Integration

Mobile Optimization

Transformation in market dynamics has also affected the wholesale market. People have started understanding the comfort of doing things through mobiles. We develop mobile-optimized responsive E-Commerce B2B websites that are equally effective on mobile phones & maximize sales.

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Custom Extensions & Plugins

Our team that integrates B2B extensions knows exactly how to maximize the performance of a website & improve its functionality according to a business's requirements. As a leading B2B E-Commerce Agency in Lahore, we build customized plugins that integrate seamlessly and perform the required tasks.

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Support & Maintenance

We have a dedicated B2B support and maintenance team at the service - 24/7 through email or phone. They strive to help clients at our B2B E-Commerce Agency in Lahore with every and any technical issue while also facilitating retaining customers’ trust and maximizing sales.

Who Are Our B2B E-Commerce Website Development Services For?

Woo-Commerce Integrations


We facilitate manufacturers in optimizing their online operations so that they get to engage in B2B as well as B2C sales at the exact time.

Woo-Commerce Integrations


With features like customized promotions and pricing, our developers enable wholesalers to let their customers enjoy tailored online shopping experiences, which is a major win.

Digital Marketing


We make it very convenient and easy for distributors to business operations and gain by hiring a B2B E-Commerce Agency in Lahore.

65% of B2B companies across different industries are transacting online in 2022. Want to become a part of the new normal?

Core Features In B2B Websites We Develop

FBR Integration


We provide multiple catalogs for B2B customers, enabling businesses to customize their product portfolio according to customer needs.

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Businesses have the option and flexibility to offer personalized prices for every product catalog shown to B2B customers.

Digital Marketing

Custom Presentation

Each product catalog gets a customized presentation according to customer preference, including the navigation scheme, catalog theme, and product organization

Digital Marketing


We enable businesses to offer tailored promotions to their B2B customers, including special offers, up-sells, cross-sells, and bulk discounts.

Woo-Commerce Integrations


We offer different ways to display product portfolios and make the brand visible. This includes grid view, item details, and thumbnails.

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Multiple parent and child accounts are offered to B2B customers and dealers, with flexible access and permissions in place according to roles.

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Flexible and secure payment options are offered for the convenience of B2B customers so that they choose the suitable one.

Magento Security


Custom prices can be offered to the dealers by making price lists based on the product, category, and minimum possible quantity or price.

Call Centers


Businesses can also set customized payment terms, including credit limits for every dealer, and backdate the payments made for their convenience.

Digital Marketing


Ensure that the B2B customers don't go through the entire process multiple times for the same order & can reorder with a few clicks.

Digital Marketing


Customers can download quotes or price lists in PDF or CSV formats to make informed decisions about which SKUs to go for.

Woo-Commerce Integrations


We empower B2B customers by allowing them to bargain the purchase prices and terms with the business before placing the order.

WordPress Theme Design


The flexible shipping feature we integrate assures that B2B customers of a business can assign numerous shipping addresses within one order.

FBR Integration


We make storefront management convenient and easy for businesses and enable them to manage B2B plus B2C operations from one dashboard.

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We enable the development of individual storefronts & multiple subdomains for the products by segmenting them according to regions, languages, niches, or B2B customers.

What Else Can Xcentric Provide For Your B2B Business?

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As an E-Commerce Growth Agency, we can enable you as a business to analyze the behavior of consumers, their purchase history, and other important existing data of prospective customers and dealers. It helps in personalizing the interactions with B2B commerce customers with the help of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Some major features that you will benefit from after hiring us as your B2B E-Commerce Agency in Lahore include:

Customer Segmentation
Tailored Recommendations
Pattern-Based Statistical Hypothesis Testing
Smart Customer Support & Intelligent Guard Using Chatbots & Virtual Assistants


Supply Chain, Logistics & Warehouse

We at Xcentric offer Custom E-Commerce Website Design services that help businesses track their products through the supply chain, enable selecting the carrier as well as route, and manage the freight payments along with warehouse and inventory management. Some solutions that we offer as a B2B E-Commerce Agency in Lahore include:

Route Optimization
Inventory management
Fleet Management
Warehouse Management & Maintenance
Enterprise Resource Planning

b2b e-commerce agency in lahore
b2b e-commerce agency in lahore

Payment Solutions

We offer customized payment solutions to the owners of B2B E-Commerce websites. As a B2B E-Commerce Agency in Lahore, we also facilitate them with their current payment solutions. Our services include:

AI-ML-based Anti-Fraud Solutions
Customized Integrations
Payment Gateway Integrations
Secure Customer Validation Process (Two-Factor Authorization, 3D-Secure Protocol, Algorithms)


End-To-End B2B E-Commerce Website Development

Starting from the generation of ideas and designing to the development of a B2B store and digital marketing, Xcentric is a one-stop B2B E-Commerce Development Agency for all your B2B E-Commerce requirements.

Unlike other B2B Platform Companies, we assure you that our developers never compromise on response time, quality, and delivery. Taking a design-led approach and keeping B2B commerce customers at the hub, being a B2B E-Commerce Agency in Lahore, we guarantee to have the best interest in delivering the best B2B Commerce solution for your business, exactly as you want.


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