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Application Management

Application Management

Application Management includes best practices, techniques and procedures essential to a deployed application’s prime operation, performance and productivity throughout the enterprise and back-end IT infrastructure.

Loyalty Management System

Retain customers and increase revenue from them with your personalized customer loyalty program.

The long process of determining loyal in customers and profiling loyal customers can be draining.
Why go through the hassle of maintaining this huge customer database in today’s Digital Age? When you can have all your customers in an app?
Besides that, this App can also be integrated with your desired loyalty system.
Card Loyalty or Card-less Loyalty, we have it both!

Most importantly, one of the primary challenges for customer-oriented enterprises is to create a strong bond between customers and THE BRAND. Similarly, most of the progressive brands today are rapidly and dynamically including Loyalty Management Systems within their business structures. Subsequently, WE at Xcentric, offer brands to take advantage of our customized and ready-to-use Loyalty Management System (LMS).
Loyalty Management System is a diverse platform. An app that manages diverse loyalty, memberships and reward programs for all kinds of customers – specifically retail, apparel, footwear, health, even small and also large scale businesses.

We at Xcentric understand that you want to create the best customer experience, yet do that with ease. Therefore,  Loyalty Management System application is the solution to your loyalty endeavours.


  • Easy to set up, customize and ready to use.
  • Multiple loyalty features like reward points, E-vouchers, memberships, and integration with loyalty cards.
  • Handles complete customer management, contact database
  • Integration with the Point of Sale system

Moreover, a stellar feature that allows loyalty customers to share their rewarded points with friends and family further increasing consumer base.

Loyalty Management System is fully integrated with any Point of Sale. It automates marketing modules. Because LMS ensures that you can manage your business, still run a loyalty program and automatically engage customers. All at the same point!


  • Loyalty Points Management
  • No-Card Loyalty System
  • Discount Management
  • Gift Card Management
  • Membership Management
  • Referral Tracking System
  • Rewards Management
  • Customer Activity Tracking

To maintain high levels of customer satisfaction, customers can be quickly and easily engaged through personalized, contextual and regular offers and promotions actions. For instance season end sales, seasonal clearance sales, special auctions, discount coupons, privileged member discounts or benefits for the best customers.

Game development

We have an expert team that can develop any type of game for you. Just with minimal time, we make and design games according to your needs that are fun to play. Our team has expertise in developing various games such as action games, puzzle, real time strategy (RTS), adventurous and much more. We are experienced in the field of making games and our games can be viewed at the link below:

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