10 Things an SEO Audit indicates about your Website

10 Things an SEO Audit indicates about your Website

Being a Digital Marketing Agency, we usually come across businesses that are doing everything and anything to rank their website higher on the SERPs of Google. They publish content with competitive keywords that their target audience uses the most, and also put in the best efforts in their Magento Website Design. Plus, they also consider the Importance of Keywords and Page Speed for their website. However, unfortunately, none of the SEO Services strategies seems to be working. 

Talking of technicality, SEO Services Pakistan often frustrates online retailers because they require tons of patience to see the results, and even then, they still might fall short of expectations. So what happens is – Retailers feel like their efforts are bringing back no rewards. However, in our opinion, the rewards are dependent on how well planned is your SEO strategy. 

At Xcentric, before we begin on providing our Search Engine Optimization Services in Pakistan, we complete an SEO AUDIT. The audit report analyzes the strength and weaknesses of the Magento 2 E-Commerce Development website and identifies the broken links to locate the duplicate content to interpret the loading speed. It enables us to see what is already producing results, what are the gaps in your website’s performance, and where there are possibilities to achieve other outcomes. This article right here covers everything you need to know about what an SEO Audit report includes in our Professional SEO Services includes. So let’s review it all!

1. Google’s Spiders Crawl Insights

Technically, Google spiders crawl insight is a deep dive into your website structure and thus ensures that the search engines are locating it.  They crawl the web, read your web pages, index them, and then use them to present the best of results to searched terms.

In an SEO Audit, this crawl report indicates everything about the technical SEO, from within the website’s code, to the on-page that is crawled by search engines. Moreover, the report includes in Best SEO Services for Small Business also pinpoints the errors within the crawls that you can correct; to accomplish higher rankings on SERPs.

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2. Website Load Time

The website load time is another technical SEO metric that you need to keep an eye on. Considering that a website’s load time speaks of the user experience it provides, it is essential to keep it optimized.

And now, after Google’s rollout of mobile-first indexing, the first thing we cover in an SEO audit is analyzing your website’s loading time. Ideally, the web page loading time is between two-to-three seconds. So if your website takes up more seconds to load, it is now time to tweak its elements and decrease the loading time because they are your way to higher rankings. And for that, the only solution is investing in our Best SEO Services Packages that are very afforable and result-driven.

3. Broken Links

One of the most damaging errors an SEO Audit included in E-Commerce SEO Services in Pakistan can identify is broken links, which are guilty of hurting your SEO score.  These are the links to pages that do not load because of issues such as 404 Errors.

Though don’t worry, these are easily fixable but are an essential part of SEO analysis. By reviewing your content authenticity, such links also provide insight into the duplicate content on your website.

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4. Keyword Cannibalization

Keyword cannibalization can confuse search engines. For instance, if you put forward two of your website’s pages in the keyword competition, Google will have to decide on which one is the best.

One of the keyword cannibalization traps is optimizing your home page and subpage for similar keywords, which is a common practice of local SEO. An SEO audit covers this aspect with its Google Search Control Report to locate your web pages that compete for similar keywords and helps fix the issues.

5. SEO Dashboard

An SEO dashboard gives us a clear and closer peek into the backlinks that proceed to the website and how much of the domain authority they boost. Precisely, it helps us identify the backlinks driven from domains trusted by Google, and add value to your SEO score.

Moreover, this is also where we identify if any virulent backlinks are not contributing worth or maybe broken. Through the SEO audit, we also analyze effects like website speed and loading time to define how well your website is functioning, which is another essential factor to rank higher.

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6. Duplicate Metadata

This SEO Services in Pakistan faux pass is very common in websites with tons of pages. Nearly 55% of websites have duplicate metadata, also called a meta description. Plus, around 65% of them have missing metadata altogether.

Duplication of meta descriptions happens when you copy and paste the meta descriptions for related products and pages. An SEO audit helps you crawl those pages and alerts of meta-issues. Though you might need to spend some extra hours on composing unique product descriptions, it is worth all the effort!

7. Organic Traffic

An SEO audit includes a traffic report that helps us locate the keywords that have ranked you higher on SERPs before and the traffic that they get on search engines. Thus, giving us a clear insight into the count of keywords you are already using and what they are driving towards your prevailing domain authority. 

Plus, not to forget, it also enables us to analyze and view the difficulty index of your current keywords, and the resources that are bringing in organic traffic, before the audit.

8. Mobile-Friendly Test

Your website needs to be mobile-friendly if you want to rank higher on SERPs and improve your overall SEO score. With an SEO audit, this is a pretty easy element to analyze and indicate your website’s mobile health. 

As a Digital Marketing Agency in Pakistan, here are some solutions we provide after an SEO audit, concerning mobile-friendliness; 

  • Enlarge Font size
  • Embed Videos 
  • Compress the Images
  • Prefer Accelerated Mobile Pages

9. Keyword Selection Guideline

Even though an SEO audit is about what your website ranks for, it is essential to consider the other side of it too. It is understanding the search trends and the keywords that rank your competitors higher.

Summing up, an SEO audit clicks us an idea of what are the relevant keywords to our client and the industry; along with the difficulty level of ranking on these keywords. Thus, serving as a guideline for our Best SEO Services in Pakistan and selecting targeted keywords that drive great results.

10. XML Sitemap Status

An XML Sitemap works as a map for Google and other search engine crawlers. Technically, it helps the crawlers find your web pages, thus ranking them sequentially. An SEO audit included in our E-Commerce SEO Campaign Services in Pakistan points out if your XML sitemap is;

  • In a proper XML document format
  • Follows XML sitemap protocol
  • Hold on all your updated website pages
  • Submitted to Google Search Console

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Are you all set and prepared for strategizing an SEO campaign but need some help from the Best SEO Company in Pakistan? Get in touch with us at Xcentric Services for SEO Services in Lahore that starts with a FREE SEO AUDIT – to give YOU and insight into your website and future opportunities that can drive you towards success on search engines. 

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