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Top 10 Secrets to Utilize Facebook Ads for Online Stores in Pakistan

Facebook Ads

Top 10 Secrets to Utilize Facebook Ads for Online Stores in Pakistan

Facebook Marketing in Pakistan has changed the perspective of modern-day E-Commerce. It is now a social giant in the world of Social Media Marketing in Pakistan, which brings opportunities for E-Commerce businesses. The year of digitizing – 2021 must’ve brought you the news of Facebook growing into an attractive platform for placing Ads, rather than being a simple social networking site.

Currently, around 80 million users are using Facebook Ads Marketing Campaign’s to sell, which has positioned Facebook as one of the most reliable platforms promoting E-Commerce.

It’s time that every E-Commerce business gets down to placing Facebook Ads. However, you might be missing out on some valuable tips and tricks behind a successful use, which is why we’ve listed them for you. So let’s get to learn them!

1. Place Facebook Pixels

Facebook Pixels are one key tool of Facebook Ads Marketing that boost E-Commerce sales. They’re codes placed within your website that lets you track your Ads through cookies and helps you build your future Ads more effectively. Precisely, they’re one great tool to;

  • Optimize your Facebook Ads by finding and reaching the right Target Audience
  • Measure the Sales and Revenues your business earned through Facebook Ads

Here’s a bit of surprise; ever wondered how you see Facebook Ads right after you searched for a product online? Facebook Pixels are the eyes watching on you!

Facebook Ads

2. Opt for Scrolling Ads – Carousel Format

The Scrolling Ads feature by Facebook lets you add multi-products in one single view called a Carousel Format. Placing one such ad can help you boost the engagement rate because the audience is likelier to click on any one of those. Because who doesn’t like a slideshow?

Scrolling Ads give the audience various options, whether it be different colors and models of the same product or a completely new product, keeping them curious about what’s next.

3. Use eye-catchy images for your Ads

High-quality images have always been an eye-catcher for Social Media Marketing in Pakistan, so when you’re placing a Facebook Ad the image used should be impressive enough to catch you a customer’s eye.

The savvy marketers describe; an eye-catchy Facebook Ads image is the one that has vibrant colors, features happy people, and is of the right size, followed by increased engagement and clicks on links redirecting to your website.

4. Target the die-hard fans with Interests field

Commonly, people are in the obsession of using Facebook for socializing and killing time while scrolling around casual brand pages. That’s precisely something that serves Facebook Ads and helps E-Commerce stores meet their targeting goals.

The Interests field enables Facebook Ads placement in front of the well-defined targeted audience. You choose an Interest related to your product and view the pages where your right target audience is and place an Ad on them selected pages. Here’s a pro tip; Never choose a broad Interest field, be very specific, to get the best results!

5. Benefit from the Custom Audience option

The experts behind Metro Cash & Carry Marketing state; Only a few people of your target audience might buy your products when they first visit your E-Commerce site. To cover this gap, Facebook Ads has got a secret tool – The Custom Audience option.

This option allows you to target a specific audience, which has previously shown interest in your products or have added them to wish lists. Create custom Facebook Ads and boost your E-Commerce store’s conversion rates!

6. Use Facebook Ads for Cross-selling

Cross-selling is another way to target people who have been your customers. Gain additional sales by placing Facebook Ads in front of them because they’re likely to buy again from you.

Using this very influential tip will profit your E-Commerce store by;

  • Growing your customer Life Time Value (LTV)
  • Increasing your Revenues
  • Gathering more Leads

7. Embed CTAs to your Ads

The Millenials are one-stop convenience lovers, which is why they respond well to Ads that have CTAs embedded in them. Utilizing a suitable one in each of your Facebook Ads gives a notable boost to your E-Commerce sales. The most popular CTAs for E-Stores, by Facebook Ads, are;

  • Shop Now
  • Book Now
  • Contact Us

Decide on the one fit for your Brand, Goal, Facebook Ads Campaign, and increase your E-Commerce sales!

8. Boost the Most-Effective Posts

Everyone loves minimizing the risks involved in Facebook Marketing in Pakistan. Hence, you would too! 

Boosting posts which have been effective previously overcomes the risks of a Facebook Ads marketing campaign going wrong. So use this feature to promote the posts that are guaranteed to get you the best results and success, as it delivered to The Vitamin Company Marketing

9. Attract customers with the charm of facebook Video Ads

In this visual world, every person is very likely to stop over and look at a video rather than viewing a static image. Usually, images are scrolled down. So, consider placing a Video Ad on Facebook, which is your chance to be creative and attract the audience to your E-Commerce website.

10. Create Facebook Offers

Facebook Offers are a great way to give your audience time-limited incentives and gifts that redirect them to your E-Commerce Website. However, this isn’t the real catch.

A simple Facebook Offer created shows up on your business’s Facebook profile, which ultimately doesn’t benefit much. Hence, the tip is to create a Facebook Offer and reflect on one of the previous tips – Boosting a post for a selected target audience.

Facebook Ads

The idea behind using Facebook Ads varies from one E-Commerce store to others. Following these 10 secret tips might help you reach your goals in 2021. Though, for the best results, you need to execute these Ads strategically. Hence, if you’re not sure that you can nail at placing Facebook Ads for your E-Commerce Store, get some help from our experienced digital marketers at Xcentric Services today!